Master Binary Options Trading

It is a simple and efective method to grow your investment

  • earn a profit of up to 81% in just one hour
  • No experience needed an own personal account manager
  • easy friendly trding form and easy simple withdrawals
  • No spreads or hidden fees
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Let me tell you how to get it in only 3 steps:

1. What do traders say?

Start by opening a free account on optionbit.Honestly, I have thoroughly tested the trading in binary options with them. I find this platform probably the most user friendly one because it has been suitable for profesional traders and beginners too

2. How does it work?

The whole system is totally simple. I have never based my predictions on complex mathematical calculations. I have only used my common sense and a pretty basic knowledge of the simple economy.

Everyone knows that banks and also other big traders operating in the financial market influences price of assets. When they are buying tons of them, normally the price tag on assets is certainly going up. The same applies to the contrary.

If they are selling assets, it implies that no one bids for the assets and their price fall down. And I take advantage of this rule!

If the recent trend associated with an asset shows a substantial and constant increase, I decide to purchase it, because it´s very likely that this trend can last at least for a while. Obviously, an identical logic needs to be applied in case of a decline.

I can see these two trends, upward and downward,within the charts shown bellow this text. Admitting them is quite easy.

Here are these different trends which can be spotted on charts

Upside Trend: The price is going up, we buy <<UP>> upwardchart
Downward Trend: The price is going down, we sell <<DOWN>> downwardchart
Neutral Trend: The price is moving sideways, we don’t do anything neutralwardchart

How much does it cost?

In Master Binary Options we know that no trader will admit you that they are 100% successfull. You need to keep in mind the fact that not every trades will likely be success, as no trader in this market can do that!

What it really matters is the fact of that the number of profitable traders is definitely higher than the amount of not succesful ones. My rate of success has been almost 70%. This means that regardless of whether a trade ends up as a lost, I am on profits. That is why I recommend to you is to have a certain financial discipline and follow an strategy when you start to trade. This means each position you open shouldn´t represent over 5% of your respective capital.

  • If you have $200, the maximum amount per one transaction should be $10
  • If you have $300, the maximum amount per one transaction should be $15
  • If you have $500, the maximum amount per one transaction should be $25
  • If you have $1000, the maximum amount per one transaction should be $50
  • If you have $2000, the maximum amount per one transaction should be $100

Let´s get started


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